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Florence Oregon

Market Trends

Florence Oregon Real Estate Market Trends

Stay on top of the real estate market trends in Florence Oregon like the pro's. These real estate market trends are updated live, with information pulled directly from the Regional Multiple Listing Service. Real Estate trends are the best way to know how the real estate market in Florence Oregon is doing as far how many properties are new on the market compared with how many have sold, the average price per square feet and how the real estate inventory is.

For Sale vs Sold

For Sale, Sold and Pending represent, respectfully, the amount of properties that fell into those categories at the end of the month. This report is used to help establish the real estate market supply and demand, if it is a seller's or buyer's market and what the minimum length is of the listing period.

For Sale vs Sold

Average Price SqFt

The average price of square feet is the average sold price divided into the total square footage.  This helps in establishing what the market price is on an average home and helps determine if there is any change in property value for a specific area.

Averag Price SqFt

Months of Inventory

The months of inventory based on closed sales is the number of properties for sale divided by the number of properties sold. As a general rule of thumb, an inventory level less than three indicates a strong sellers market while an inventory level greater than six indicates a strong buyers.

Months of Inventory
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