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Windermere Ready


We will walk through your home to identify potential updates and repairs. With your timeline and needs in mind, we will help you decide on the improvements that will get you the biggest return.

personalized plan

Once we identify the top home improvement priorities, I will connect you with our preferred local service providers, assist with a work schedule and arrange access to the home.


When your home is ready for its close-up, we'll have it professionally staged, which can drastically boost your bottom line. reports that homes staged sell 87% faster than those that are not.

Sell for more with less time.

Through the Windermere Ready program, we can front up to $100,000 for your home improvement costs and provide concierge services to sell your home faster and for a higher price. From decluttering and deep cleaning to major repairs or replacements, together we'll set your home up for selling success.

How it works

A small upfront investment can yield a big payoff when selling your home. To help with that process, we provide the funds to cover the costs of large repair items like a new roof, to updating the kitchen or bathrooms to curb appeal like painting, landscaping, cleaning and staging. As a Windermere Broker I work with you to determine which improvements will get the biggest return. Then I will connect you with preferred local service providers to arrange to have the work completed.

Concierge-Level Service

Simple, Speedy Application Process

Quick Funding

No Payments Due Before Closing

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  • What is Windermere Ready?
    It's a program that allows sellers to borrow a portion of the equity in their current home to make improvements to the property in anticipation of listing it for sale. The Windermere Ready advance is structured as a loan to be repaid when your home sells or when the loan term expires, whichever comes first.
  • What Services Are Covered?
    No matter how small they seem, even the simplest changes can make a big difference. We find that these are some of the most valuable: Roof Repair/Replace Dry Rot Siding Landscaping Interior and Exterior Painting Floor Repair/Refinishing Carpet Cleaning/Replacement De-cluttering Window Washing Professional Deep Cleaning Fixture Repair/Replacement Cosmetic Updates Punch List Repairs Plus dozens of other high-impact home improvements and services.
  • Who Decides What Work to Do?
    As home owner, you determine what prep work you wish to apply your Windermere Ready advance to, after consulting with me about which items will make the highest impact when we bring your home to market.
  • What is the Maximum Amount Provided?
    The maximum advance amount is $100,000.00. The loan to value ratio or "LTV" (total of all debt secured by your property, including the Windermere Ready loan), may not exceed 75% of your property's current fair market value.
  • How is My Home's Fair Market Value Established?
    Fair market value will be established by a comparative market analysis (CMA) that I prepare for your property and which you accept as reasonable.
  • When Do I Repay the Loan?
    The maximum loan term is six months. There are no monthly payments, but the loan must be repaid in full when your property is sold, or when the loan term expires, whichever comes first. The loan must be paid in full at the end of the loan term even if your property has not yet sold.
  • Are There Any Fees?
    There is no out of pocket expense to the borrower. Fees are financed into the loan. The loan fee is 4% and is financed into the loan amount. Borrowers also pay third party fees such as title insurance premium, credit report fee, recording fee, and sometimes a courier fee, all of which are deducted from the loan proceeds at the time of funding.
  • What is the Interest Rate?
    The Windermere Ready loan is interest-free.
  • What Documents Are Needed to Start?
    The only documents required for you to fill out are a three-page loan application form and a listing agreement, and you'll need to sign off on the CMA that I prepare to establish your home's fair market value.

The Fine Print

  • Sellers who make repairs and upgrades prior to selling generally sell for more and in less time.  However, each property and project is unique and therefore no results are guaranteed.

  • Maximum loan term is six months. No monthly payments are due during the term; the loan is paid off in one lump sum at closing when your property is sold.

  • The maximum loan amount is $100,000 based on a LTV (loan to value ratio) of 75%.  The loan fees are as follows:

    A loan fee of 4% requested up to the maximum loan amount of $100,000.

    Third party fees such as title insurance, recording fee and possibly others, such as carrier are also financed into the loan.

    All of these fees are deducted from the loan amount at the time of funding.

Yes, I am Windermere Ready!

To receive a Windermere Ready Application simply complete the information below and I will reach out to you.

Thanks for submitting!
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