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2020 Real Estate Market Review of Florence Oregon

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The following data has been gathered from the Regional Multiple Listing Service of the areas of Florence city limits, Florence beach areas, south of city limits including Dune City, north of city limits, east of Florence and Mapleton, Florentine, Greentrees and Coast Village, respectfully.

Areas are listed individually, comparing the year in full with the previous data of 2019, and include the information of median sold price, new listings, sold listings, price per square feet and days on the market.


Florence City Limits

The median sold prices in the Florence Oregon city limits improved +14% (graph above). New listings dropped -36% and sold listings gained +9%. The price per square feet increased +9.1% from $186 to $204. Days on the market rose from 44 to 64, or +45%.


Florence Beach Area

Median sold prices rose +7% while new listings dropped -61% and sold properties improved +16%. The sold price per square feet (graph above) increased +14%. Days on the market gained +16% from 55 to 64.


South of Florence including Dune City

Median sold prices rose +26% (graph above). New listings dropped -68% while sold properties gained +17%. The average price per square feet increased +24% while days on the market grew +1%.


Florence North of City Limits

The median value lessened -7%. New listings shrunk -60% and sales rose +51% (graph above) along with the price per square feet at +8%. Days on the market declined -17%.


East of Florence and Mapleton

Median values increased +39% while listings lessened -66%. Sales rose +34% along with the price per square feet at +14% (graph above). The average days on the market declined -5.7%.


Florentine Estates

The median value slightly rose from $289 to $290. New listings fell -83% and solds gained +46%. The average price per square feet improved +7% (graph above). Days on the market slightly shifted -3% from 64 to 66.



Median sold prices gained +3%. New listings decreased -61% and solds increased +28%. The average price per square feet advanced +8%, from 143 to 155 (graph above). Average days on the market rose +102% from 39 to 79.


Coast Village

The median sold price fell shortly at -2%. New listings shrunk -90% while sold properties gained +30%. The pricer per square feet rose +3%. Average days on the market gained from 80 to 188.



Prices have continued to rise across Florence and the surrounding areas and inventory has drastically shrunk. If you have been thinking of selling now is an opportune time. To find out what your current value is from a local professional Real Estate Broker Click Here.

Laura Wilson, Broker

Winderemere Real Estate, Florence Oregon


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Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson
Jan 05, 2021

Thank you Maxine! Doing that much work with numbers must have numbed my mind with grammar.


Maxine Power
Maxine Power
Jan 05, 2021

Laura -- you might want to check the spelling on "graff." I think it is spelled "graph." Happy New Year

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